Seeking Funding of $40 Million USD

In the simplest of terms, this Nano Solar Company is able to convert regular windows into solar panels with only a slight increase in price over regular windows utilizing patented nano technology. Imagine downtown glass high-rise buildings generating their own power maximizing their solar powered real estate! The company is a USA based, debt-free corporation seeking funding to expand its manufacturing and distribution network in the United States.

The Company’s nano solar glass is the only optically clear solar generating glass, free from eye distortion, which has the ability to be custom cut to fit with any glass product and color choice. The glass also has the ability to be natural and man-made disaster resistant (e.g., Hurricane, tornado, bomb blast, bullet, physical, etc.), free from eye distortion while generating electricity from light.

Successful projects completed since 1996 include airports, universites, musems, banks, hotels, military bases (including the Pentagon), prisons, police stations, hospitals, and apartment buidlings. The potential application for this technology is limitless.

In formal terms, the Company has invented, designed and owns the full trade secret and patented technology to produce, filter, process, solvent, and compound several inorganic materials in the ultimate fabrication (co-infuse nano particles into its proprietary interlayers, smart films and coatings for use in windows and walls) of proprietary light exploding nano particles generating electricity more effectively than any other product.

The amount of funding requested is USD $40 Million but is flexible depending upon the investor’s requirements. The Company is currently seeking funding to start-up several factories in the United States including Florida, New York, and the Los Angeles areas. Please contact us if you wish to receive the Executive Summary.